Our Objectives

• Generate and provide uninterrupted reasonably priced electricity to our customers.
• Efficient utilization of capital, machines, material and human resources.
• Continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and resource management.

Our Vision

To provide quality & uninterrupted electricity to the vast majority of rural Bangladesh for their personal, social & economic development.

Our Mission

"Empowering Bangladesh, we can & we will." To expand the company into a power generation capacity to the tune of 1000 MW which is 20% of the electricity requirement of Bangladesh and maintain that level.

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to generate and provide uninterrupted supply of electricity to our customers as per their demand by meeting all the requirements of Power Purchase Agreements signed between the company and the valued Customer.

We integrate the philosophy of "Pioneering Sprit" with "Continuous Improvement" by efficient utilization of Capital, Machines, Materials and Human Resources.

Summit's Core Values:

Integrity with honesty & sincerity.

Customer Satisfaction
Goal with quality supply of electricity.

Instilled by compact teamwork with respect for each other.

Providing unrestricted accurate and timely information about company's performance and financial aspects.

To build goodwill through long term and congenial approach with customers.

Believe in equal opportunity, based on merit.